Ingrid Halvorsen (b. 1986) is an independent documentary photographer based in Trondheim, Norway.
She has a MA in archaeology from Norwegian University of Science and Technology and a two-year education in a commercially focused Norwegian Photography School. She has recently graduated from the MA course Documentary Photography with teacher Stuart Franklin (Magnum) at Volda University collage, Norway.

In Norway, Ingrid works with projects and subjects that challenge how one interprets the Norwegian society. She often has youths and music in focus. Religion and religious practice are one of her many photographic interest. Internationally, she works with injustices and forgotten conflict.

She has produced stories from occupied Western Sahara, Vietnam, Japan,  USA, Israel/Palestine and Norway. The cultural knowledge and research skills from the world of academia are an active part of her work and the mechanisms behind the human condition drives her. In-depth, long-term projects are her preferred medium.